Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stupid Hand

Yesterday I went to see my GP about my hand. It's been 10 weeks since my operation for the carpal tunnel in my left hand. I am still having problems with pain in my hand. I thought that it was time I checked in with him to see if what I am experiencing was 'normal' for the amount of time that has lapsed since my op.

My GP said that I should continue with the exercises that I have been doing. He agreed with me that my hand should be a lot better than it is. He also said that if I am no better in two - three weeks I need to make a follow up appointment with the surgeon. Then, if I am no better in two to three months I need to have the nerve conduction test repeated. If that shows no improvement then I will need to have surgery again.

So for now I will continue with the exercises and do small amounts of crocheting. I'll just stop when my hand starts hurting.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mild Weather

Looks like we are in for some mild weather and some rain. It beats having to rug up all the time ☺

Maybe I should enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.